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Voad for viewers

We all stream and we know how pop ups and all other kind of advertisements may be distrcutive. Here comes Voad, ads you will love. 

Watching something on an ipad


Voads never pop up and interupt you while streaming. Whever you like an item in a series or movie you're watching, just stop the video and check what's associated with the scene to buy your favourites.

Online shop


How many times have you been watching a movie and loved a dress or a lipstick your favourite character wears? Voad got you covered. Stop the video and purchase items associated to the scene while streaming!

Online Shopping

Simple & Secure

With Voad you can purchase while streaming either with your credit card linked to your VoD account or with online payment menthods. All product ads are pre-verified to ensure your seamless experience.

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