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In-Video On Demand Ads

Monetize your content while delivering your viewers ads they want.

Post Production in Process

SVOD/AVOD compliant

Voad is compliant with both, SVOD and AVOD. It will not disturb your viewers attention, unless, they wish to stop the video and have a glips on the products associated with the scene.

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Monetize your content

We deliver you a new, disruptive ads format which will enable you to maximize your VoD platform financial potential.

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Verified Ads Guarantee

Voad gives you a hand on ads content verification. It's on us to guarantee 100% viewers satisfaction through every singe ad relevance verification.

Film Clapboard
Film Clapboard

Voad in a nutshell

In-stream ads asocciated to the scene. You like a dress or lipstick your favourite charachter wears?


Forget about hours spend on searching for similiar items. Voad serves with a seamless service enabling viewers to purchase while watching.


Stop the video. Tap Voad icon. Choose your item and buy. Continue watching!

Voad in a nutshell

Cooperation Models


On-production model

Extend your product placement partnership by enabling VoD viewers convert instantly. We will display your products in Voad as "Star Choices"


Post-production model

The movie or series item matches with your current portolio but it wasn't part of the production scheme? No worries, we have covered you with "Similar" section.

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